Geronticus Eremita

Bald ibis (Greonticus eremita) is a bird species that is about to be extinct and is under protection. Rarely inhabits in southeast Anatolia region in Turkey.

Family Companies and Family Offices

Client list of Çukur & Partners largely consists of family-driven companies. In years, we have developed a particular expertise and wide range of services in our practice for segment of family companies.

We are aware of distinctness of serving to family companies and variety of the services they particularly need. We pay regard to each family company and the family behind has their own culture, values and morals. We sincerely listen, understand and comply with all those creating a family business.

We have guided several family owned business entities through successful business transitions for years. Family businesses present unique legal needs and Çukur & Partners provides comprehensive legal services responsive to those.

We consider characteristic legal matters of family-driven businesses and family companies for long-term sustainability and well-being, such as succession planning, modelling corporate governance and decision-making, shareholders arrangements and agreements, management of assets, properties and investments, resolution of family and personal conflicts, protection of reputation and supporting development of family members in life and business.

We focus our efforts on maintaining stability and unity among family members because our goal is to assure the ongoing vitality of the family as well as the continued viability of the enterprise. Our experienced family company and private client lawyers achieve favourable conclusions devising methods to address challenges effectively. Our family business team are well placed to help integrate both the corporate and personal aspects of your family life.

Çukur & Partners law firm does not approach family companies as business entities to be institutionalised through drafting a family constitution and establishing a family council only, although we do those perfectly, where needed.

Instead, we define our function as a facilitator, accelerator and experienced legal expert in the process of enhancing sustainability and resilience of their family ties as well as business and legal structures through creative and innovative legal initiatives and solutions as respecting and esteeming family’s norms, ethos and values.

By means of this understanding, our services and supports to family companies and members of business families are focused to render a wide range of legal practices in direction of their achievement at business, family and personal life.

We work very closely with other specialist advisers such as family business consultants, family relations coaches and tax advisors to make sure the solution works from every perspective.

Through our experience, family office is a practical structure and tool contributing to and serving the purpose of management of families’ tangible and intangible assets, investments as well as financial, tax, accounting and family service matters.

Family offices are privately owned entities established by affluent families to manage their wealth, plan for their families’ financial future, engage in investment opportunities and provide other services to family members.

Çukur & Partners is one of the few law firms in Turkey advising foundation and maintenance of single family and multi-family offices on one-stop-shop basis. Our international network made up of expert firms serving to family offices and private clients for decades helps international aspects of activities and needs of family offices.

At Çukur & Partners, we understand that each family office is unique; reflecting the values, vision and interests of the family it supports as well as meeting the family’s evolving strategic and financial needs.

Whether you already have a family office, or you are planning to establish one, Çukur & Partners provide deep expertise across every area of your operation. Our family office lawyers’ advice is delivered with the broadest possible perspective and always with an eye to helping plan for the longest term.

Çukur & Partners’s family business and family office lawyers provide legal services at practices of private client, corporate, M&A, real estate & construction, banking & finance, capital markets commercial, international trade, employment & labor, regulatory, administrative and governmental, information technologies, data protection and privacy, intellectual property and competition & anti-trust , environmental, as well as dispute resolution.

Areas of Focus

  • Family Companies and Enterprises
  • Family Offices
  • Family Councils
  • Family Funds
  • Family Assets
  • Family Trusts and Charities
  • Family Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives
  • Private Client