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Electronic platforms and digital services, which have gained an even greater place in our lives with the pandemic period, also provide a great convenience to existing customers in the realization of banking transactions. This convenience will now also apply to not signing pages in order to become a bank customer. As of 1st of May 2021, the signing period ends by going to the bank to become a customer of a bank. 

With the “Regulation on Remote Identification Methods to be Used by Banks and Establishing Agreement Relationships in Electronic Environment” published in the Official Gazette on Thursday, April 1, 2021, banks will be able to sign contracts with their new customers electronically and customers will be able to benefit from all banking services through electronic platforms.

From what date can I become a bank customer by making an electronic agreement in accordance with the provision of the regulation? 

Since the regulation will come into force on Saturday, May 1, 2021, you can become a new customer of banks by making an electronic contract from this date, and you can quickly contract with banks electronically instead of signing pages. 

Will all banks be able to accept customers by making an electronic agreement? 

According to the regulation, it will be possible to make contracts electronically with all deposit banks, participation banks and development and investment banks. 

Which agreement can I make electronically? 

Any kind of agreement that will be presented to the customer for banking services and regulating the relations between the bank and the customer, which is not subject to an official form or a special ceremony, can be established electronically. 

How will the bank determine my identity with an electronic agreement? 

Banks will be able to identify the new customer with the remote identification method, and the customer representative will communicate with the customer by communicating as video call, and will be able to perform the necessary transactions without physically gathering. 

What kind of environment should I be in a video call? 

Since the video call will be terminated if it is not possible to identify with visual verification due to poor light conditions, low image quality or transmission and similar situations, the image and audio features in the environment you are in and the device you use must be suitable for identification. 

What documents do I need to submit to be identified? 

Identification of sight as daylight that can be made to the security element which can be distinguished visually colorless under the light, photograph and signature with the Republic of Turkey Identity Card will be used.

How should I apply to make an electronic agreement? 

The person must apply to the bank to become a customer with a form to be filled in on electronic platforms through the application of the bank who wants to be a customer of. 

How do I sign the contract electronically? 

The bank will transmit the contract, which includes all the conditions, to the customer, in a way that the customer can read, via internet banking or mobile banking applications. This agreement will be signed by the customer with an encryption secret key assigned to the customer via internet banking or mobile banking application. 

Will traders also be able to benefit from this opportunity? 

Yes. As a requirement of the rapid flow of commercial life, all natural persons, including traders, can become customers of banks with an electronic contract. However, there is no regulation on this issue for companies yet.


Berk Özşenoğulları, Attorney At Law

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