For more than 30 years, in Çukur & Partners we have always prioritized our responsibilities towards society, the state and all life. The career developments supports we provide to young people at our Çukur & Partners Academy, the Kevser and Nihat Çukur Education Scholarships we carry out with TEV, our numerouspro bono,  legal support and corporate social responsibility activities have been shaped within this framework. At the core of this approach is the understanding of sharing and solidarity we inherited from our families.

We have always strived to fulfill all our tax and fiscal duties on time and always look after those who have a contribution and share to every penny we earn. We paid a significant amount of taxes to the public every year.

We are sincerely proud to hear that we stood out among the highest taxpayers in legal sector this year. The director of our tax office and his supportive team thanked us with their kind visit and made us very happy. This honor goes to the entire Çukur & Partners team, our colleagues, our clients and the business environments that trusts us.

We know and believe that we can even do much more. We are well-equipped and well-structured in every sense for this bright future. We carry on our way with great confidence and hope.

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We are aware of legal expectations of corporates and business community in need of sustainable growth, development and stability, when they do business in a complicated and emerging jurisdiction.

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