About Us

Parnassius Apollo

The Apollo butterfly (Parnassius apollo) inhabits near the summit at the foot of Tota Mountain (Isparta). It is in danger of extinction due to the destruction of habitats.

How We Are Different

In a complicated and chaotic space of overloaded information, it’s not always easy to reach the best choices.

There is a similar challenge for many companies and businessmen, while perceiving the most optimal law firm for legal services needed.

At said point, there are several factors to be considered, such as, experience, expertize, quality, credentials, track records, geographic proximity, business and delivery models, levels of and transparency at fees, size, team etc.

We are aware of that the business world would prefer to work with a law firm that listens to, understands, respects and feels good and comfortable while working together.

Today, there is one more prominent question loudly posed at this process: How much responsible and accountable you are?

We basically call all those “values and culture” which distinguishes a law firm and lawyers from all others.

Since 1993, Çukur & Partners has been one of the good business law firms in Turkey. Now, we pioneer its meaning some steps further through our values, culture as well as responsible and accountable business approach.

Our lawyers are long-term and responsive teammates of our clients, companies and businessmen serving them responsibly and accountably.

Lawyers’ of Çukur & Partners people oriented, innovative and positive practice approach and smart business models help and accelerate our business clients to achieve their goals wisely.