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Caretta Caretta

Loggerhead sea turtle’s (Caretta caretta) most important nesting areas are Turkey in the Mediterranean. Their numbers are rapidly decreasing due to polluted seas.

Corporate Social Responsibility & Pro Bono

In Çukur & Partners law firm, we owe our sustainable success and value created to our clientele, our talented team, our society and the Earth.

We owe this to our clients, because they trust Çukur & Partners lawyers to be a reliable and responsible partner. We also owe it to society, because we realize that we have been given many privileges, gifts and opportunities. And we owe it to all Çukur & Partners attorneys and team, because we are not just professionals, but also members of society and a part of the earth; we want our work to be rewarding in all aspects, not just professionally.

Within this consciousness, at Çukur & Partners law firm, profoundly giving is equally precious for us as earning and Çukur & Partners lawyers are committed to giving our sources, time, energy, ideas and skills to support individuals and organisations within the communities in which our people live and work.

In this direction, Çukur & Partners law firm and our attorneys collaborate and work together distinguished NGO’s, institutions, charities and action groups aiming to add value and to put positive impact to the society and the Earth. Our CSR support is focused around the themes of Education, Children and Youth, Sustainable Environment, Healthcare, Art & Culture, Profession of Law and Entrepreneurship. We focus on areas where we can provide meaningful social value through charitable giving, volunteering and sharing our expertise.

We encourage all attorneys and team members in Çukur & Partners law offices to be active volunteers and get involved in supporting the local and wider community and working for sustainable environment, whether individually or as part of a team.

First and foremost, our CSR contribution to society is rooted in effective legal advice and relevant pro bono work. Gifting our lawyers’ expertise is one of the best ways we can make a difference.

Pro bono work is woven into the fabric of our firm and we treated in exactly the same manner and high-calibre as any other client work. In that spirit, we steer Çukur & Partners lawyers to work together to affect change for those who need it most.

In addition to our pro bono work, we utilise our skills, experience and expertise to contribute to thought leadership, research and development in areas that are important to our clients, the legal profession and broader business communities and entrepreneurs. Çukur & Partners attorneys work in partnership and collaboration with business community organizations, chambers of commerce and industry, associations of exporters, industry associations, bar associations, universities and other institutions through advisory support, events and teachings.

Supporting of social entrepreneurship initiatives are another priority in our CSR and pro bono practices.

Some Samples of Our CSR and Pro Bono Practices