Grus Grus

Common Crane (Grus grus) is found Central Anatolia, Mediterranean and Southeastern Anatolia regions in Turkey. Destruction of habitats, improper agricultural practices and poaching are the main threats for its species.


Our “Kevser and Nihat Çukur Education Scholarships” program, which has been created in the name of retired teachers Kevser Çukur and the late Nihat Çukur, who have devoted their lives to the education of thousands of young people, is pupilar and source of pride of our Çukur & Partners Academy.

We carry out this gratuitous scholarship project together with the Turkish Education Foundation (TEV), one of the most respected non-governmental organizations in Turkey. In this scholarship program, which will be financed and developed by our law firm, we offer a non-refundable educational scholarship to students who study at law faculties at state universities, covering their education life.

We think that our country and also the world needs conscious attorneys with high moral and professional standards. From this point of view, we want to provide support beyond meeting only the financial needs of students. By including our scholars in our Personal and Professional Development Program “Preparation for the Lawyer Profession” we support them in preparing them for a successful and happy life in all aspects.

Faculty of Law students can follow our current scholarship announcements on our NEWS pages. The closest scholarship announcement for the upcoming term will be in August-September 2022.

The business world and volunteers can also support this scholarship program and contribute to the increase in the number of our scholars. If you would like to play a role in this matter and contribute to our scholarship program, you can always contact us.