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Geronticus Eremita

Bald ibis (Greonticus eremita) is a bird species that is about to be extinct and is under protection. Rarely inhabits in southeast Anatolia region in Turkey.

Competition, Anti-Trust And European Union

Competition law compliance is a high priority for businesses worldwide. Competition authorities are increasingly cracking down on cartels, abusive and other anti-competitive practices as well as strictly enforcing their merger control rules.

Çukur & Partners’s competition and anti-trust law team have expertise across the full spectrum of competition law and advise a client base across a range of industry sectors.

Anti-trust and competition lawyers of Çukur & Partners work closely with our clients to help them understand and comply with the competition law rules in Turkey. This includes guiding businesses on day-to-day competition law regulatory queries, designing competition compliance policies, offering genuinely engaging competition law and dawn raid training, and carrying out audits of data to assess latent competition law exposure.

Our competition and anti-trust lawyers’ experience enables us to help our clients avoid activities that might put their business at risk, especially when such advice is taken at an early stage.

We recognise that our role as Turkish competition and anti-trust law advisers involves much more than simply knowing the regulations. Rather, our role is to help companies and business community understand, in practical terms, what the rules mean to them.

Our competition and anti-trust lawyers frequently communicate with the experts of Turkish Competition Institution; follow up actions, investigations and decisions of the Institution as well as conducting our clients’ transactions and permissions related to competition law at the Institute.

In terms of M&A, private equity and joint venture transactions competition law team of Çukur & Partners is highly involve in merger control aspects, clearances and permissions in relation to these corporate transactions.

Beyond our compliance and regulatory services at competition and anti-trust practices, competition lawyers of Çukur & Partners represent our clients at Turkish Competition Authority’s investigations as well litigation and dispute resolution procedures connected to Turkish competition regulations.

Çukur & Partners is one of the law firms highly experienced at the European Union law practices in Turkey.

As a full membership candidate to and member of customs union with the EU, large number European Union law finds an implementation place in Turkey. In addition to these organic connections, the EU is the largest international trade partner of Turkey and this business partnership creates several regulatory and compliance issues applicable for Turkish companies as well as international corporates doing business in Turkey.

In Çukur & Partners’s European Union law practice, our experienced lawyers advise to our clients’ compliance & regulatory matters as well as investigations in relation to the EU at almost all areas of business law.

Areas of Focus

  • Compliance to Competition and Anti-Trust Regulations
  • Competition Authority Permission and Transactions
  • Competition Authority Investigations
  • Anti-Trust
  • Abuse of Dominant Position
  • Merger Control at M&A and Joint Venture Transactions
  • Horizontal and Vertical Agreements
  • Agency, Distributorship, Licensing, Franchising Agreements
  • Anticompetitive compatible actions and agreements
  • Block and Individual Exemptions
  • Negative Clearance
  • Complaints
  • Termination of Infringement Processes
  • Commitments and Negotiations with the Competition Authority
  • Sectorial Competition Regulations and Transactions
  • State Aid
  • European Union Regulations
  • Customs Union Regulations between Turkey and the EU
  • International and EU Trade Regulations
  • Anti-dumping, Anti-subsidy and Safeguard Investigations
  • Surveillance and Quota Allocations

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