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Common Kingfisher (Halcyon smyrnensis), named after İzmir city of Turkey, is mostly observed in the Eastern Mediterranean Region. Destruction of their habitats, wetlands, is the greatest threat to their species.

Real Estate And Property Acquisitions Of International Investors And Legal Management Of Property Assets Of Foreigners In Turkey

Turkey is an attractive country for any international investor ad foreigner intending to invest in a real estate and property abroad. Turkey offers a wide range of values to foreigners through competitive real estate and property prices, new development projects, faster appreciation of the properties, calm climate, tolerant life style, steady legal infrastructure. Therefore, the number of foreign residents and property owners in Turkish cities has been increasing consistently.

The newly regulated act on “the Right to Acquire Citizenship based on Real Estate Investment” encourages the foreigners and constitutes a new reason for many overseas people to invest in a real estate in Turkey.

While carrying out real estate and property transactions in Turkey, international investors should understand and consider a vast quantity of legislation real estate law, as well as special regulations regarding the acquisition of real estate and property by foreigners.

Property and international law attorneys of Çukur & Partners provides full range of legal advisory and advocacy services to such international investors concerning any legal issues relevant to their properties in Turkey and in the acquisition and management processes of such real estate as well as connected citizenship procedures.

Thus, Çukur & Partners law firm’ real estate lawyers render a legal framework for all international investors and foreigners in which they can invest in property under the security of law, acquire and own real estate, successfully carry out citizenship transactions related to these acquisitions, manage and benefit from such properties in the best possible manner in Turkey.