Grus Grus

Common Crane (Grus grus) is found Central Anatolia, Mediterranean and Southeastern Anatolia regions in Turkey. Destruction of habitats, improper agricultural practices and poaching are the main threats for its species.

Japan Desk

Our Japan Desk is dedicated to assisting Japanese clients in their investment projects and business transactions in Turkey.

Çukur & Partners maintains close professional and institutional ties with Japanese businesses, helping them with their investments in and with the expansion of their activities across the Turkish market. This has made Çukur & Partners Law Firm one of Turkey’s preeminent legal advisers of Japanese companies. Therefore, we have a wealth of experience acting for several Japanese companies from a diverse range of industries.

Our lawyers know the culture and practicalities of Japanese business, enabling us to provide relevant and culturally-attuned advice. We are familiar with the Japanese way of thinking, deeply committed to building long-term relationships and truly honoured by the trust of our Japanese clients.

Çukur & Partner’s Japan desk is well equipped with the local insights and extensive experience to provide business law advisory to all Japanese organisations advancing into Turkey nationwide.