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Common Kingfisher (Halcyon smyrnensis), named after İzmir city of Turkey, is mostly observed in the Eastern Mediterranean Region. Destruction of their habitats, wetlands, is the greatest threat to their species.

Adaptation Of Corporate Regulatory & Compliance Policies And Procedures Of International Corporates Into Their Subsidiaries In Turkey

International and multinational corporates and companies which have subsidiaries incorporated in Turkey or doing business in our jurisdiction in any form, frequently ask Çukur & Partners Regulatory & Compliance lawyers’ services in order to implement and apply their main corporate policy documents and regulations as well as ethical business principles into their entities in Turkey.

Çukur & Partners’ regulatory and compliance attorneys’ services cover full range of Turkish and international corporate governance, competition and anti-trust, protection of personal data and privacy, cybersecurity, anti-bribery, anti-fraud, anti-corruption, prevention of money laundering and financing of terrorism, sustainability and environmental regulations, employment & labor regulations, the prevention of modern slavery and all other regulatory issues of corporate life cycle. 

While the multinational and international corporates doing business worldwide or in different complicated jurisdictions, we understand significance of adaptation, implementation and auditing of their corporate policies and principles in their subsidiaries abroad. The directors, managers and employees of these overseas subsidiaries, even the customers and suppliers of them, should be aware of and in compliance with all these policies and principles as well as national and international regulations in relation to these areas.

Regulatory and Compliance team of Çukur & Partners has been working with general counsels, compliance managers and international legal advisors of corporates, for more than 20 years, in the process of adaptation into Turkish law and practical implementation of corporate policies, ethical business principles and compliance documents.

Beyond adaptation services, implementing of those in their Turkey businesses and entities in all activities and practices, legal training of the directors and employees, inspecting and internal auditing of implementation when needed, as well as investigation processes and crisis management constitutes the framework of Çukur & Partners law firm’s service range at this practice.