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Legal Advisory At Joint Venture, Partnership And Cooperation Transactions

We are in a collaboration and co-production era in business. Corporates and businesses are now working together in a closer cooperation through a wide variety and innovative ways of collaboration than ever before. 

In the dynamic flow of business life, we frequently encounter business and project partnerships, joint ventures, cooperation and collaborations in different models, both institutionally structured (as a corporate) and contractual based.

A significant part of these partnerships and joint ventures (JV) are carried out through partnerships under the roles of shareholders in a company or corporation. Legal modelling and structuring of these JV companies, corporate governance principles and practices, arrangements regulating relations between the partners (shareholders) and the partners with the JV company, drafting of a practical shareholders (JV) agreement within this framework are essential for both the success of the business and the shareholders in order to create a successful and peaceful business experience in legal security.

Similarly, in terms of business and project partnerships, joint ventures, consortia and all kinds of collaborations carried out on contractual basis without incorporation of a new (company or similar) corporate legal entity, joint venture and partnership agreements and relevant legal arrangements are equally crucial and those set ground for a working business partnership.

Therefore, the success of the business in all forms of JV’s largely depends on the existence of a healthy and reliable legal infrastructure that is formed in accordance with the requirements of the business and the characters, goals and expectations of the parties.

Although project-based industries such as construction, infrastructure real estate and energy are traditionally among the sectors where consortia and joint ventures of this nature are seen most frequently, the increasing cooperation opportunities and needs in almost every sector today have increased creation of these legal structures significantly. Technology, innovative businesses, health, life sciences, food, finance, advanced manufacturing, automotive, electronics and consumer products are just a few samples of the sectors where such collaborations are common, both in research and development, as well as in production and sales processes. 

Vast majority of these joint ventures and partnerships are of international character. These are often established in various jurisdictions or can be carried out and doing business internationally.

For more than 20 years, Çukur & Partners Law Firm has been full range of legal advisory services on joint venture and business partnership structures and their contracts both in Turkey and internationally.

Çukur & Partners’ team provides legal consultancy services to companies and business people participating in these joint ventures, business partnerships and collaborations, as well as to joint venture companies and business partnerships established in this direction.

Our services to joint ventures and partnership and their shareholders and partners cover all major practice areas involved in these structures and businesses, such as corporate, commercial & international trade, contracts & agreements, employment & labor, ICT, IP, governmental & regulatory, banking & finance as well as dispute resolution.