Panthera Pardus

Caucasian leopard (Panthera pardus), under threat of extinction, rarely continues to inhabit in the Caucasus region covering the northeast of Turkey.

Our Story

Çukur & Partners is a leading business law firm of Turkey, practicing nationwide and internationally.

Our law firm, which has been operating under Çukur & Partners brand for 28 years, has decided to renew the corporate brand as Çukur & Partners in November 2021. We trust this new brand perfectly reflects synergy, dynamism and evolution of our firm.

When the business environment requires a trusted-advisor and a full-service business law firm in Turkey, creating value and innovation, assuring clarity and good communication and ensuring successful outcomes through positive and accountable solutions through a client-oriented approach, Çukur & Partners Law Firm is always one of good choices.

Çukur & Partners is an independent business law firm offering a full range of award-winning legal services across a broad spectrum of local and international legal matters, rendering sophisticated and practical legal consulting, transactional advisory and dispute resolution services, particularly on corporate, commercial, compliance, employment, projects and TMT areas.

Through our nationwide practices, business lawyers of Çukur & Partners are capable of rendering our full-service business law practices in all geographic regions of Turkey. This unequalled coverage brings us wide-spread, pioneering and integrated legal practices in order to meet the international and local clients’ legal expectations in an emerging country.

We are proud to be an apostle of responsible and sustainable business in Turkish legal sector. Responsible and good business is our distinctive character and integral part of what we do and how we practice.

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