Responsible Business

Monachus Monachus

Mediterranean monk seal (Monachus monachus) inhabits on the coasts of Marmara, Aegean and Mediterranean of Turkey. It is a critically endangered species.

Sustainability & Environment

In Çukur & Partners law firm, to be a pioneer and developer of best practices for sustainable environment at legal sector in Turkey is the cornerstone of our responsible business efforts.

This approach is also the reason of why we dedicate all visuals of our website to the endangered spices of Anatolia (Turkey).

Priorities and main goals of Çukur & Partners law firm’s sustainability and environment strategy are;

  • Undertaking responsibility to reduce our own operational environmental impact and carbon footprint by virtue of green initiatives,
  • Decreasing our consumption and waste by means of green office policies, energy and resources efficiency, environmentally sustainable business and delivery models,
  • Raising awareness and responsibility of our clients, team members, all stakeholders and society on protection of nature, the Earth and environment,
  • Supporting environmental organisations working on nature, climate change, resource conservation, waste management, pollution prevention and biodiversity through our CSR and pro bono practices.

As we are one of the signatories of UN Global Compact, our environmentally sustainable business aims corresponding to environmental principles of commitments there as well as UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

In the framework of our sustainable environment policy, in Çukur & Partners law offices, We;

  • Identify key resources used by our firm and implement measures to ensure that we use those resources and energy in an efficient manner,
  • Implement sustainable waste management practices across the firm in order to minimize the quantity of waste we produce and maximize the amount of waste we recycle,
  • Develop a paperless initiative, a program to promote green workplace behaviours, adopt best practices and leverage technologies to reduce paper in the workplace,
  • Minimise the use of single-use plastics throughout our offices,
  • Use recyclable and renewable materials as much as possible,
  • Endeavour usage of plat extract cleaning products compatible with nature in our offices,
  • Effectively use IT and communication systems in order to reduce travel requirements and our carbon footprint,
  • Encourage our team to walk and to use public transportation,
  • Have a strict shut down principle for lightening, computers, air conditioning  and other energy consuming items, unless needed and used,
  • Use shared offices, printers and devices in order to minimize our energy consumption,
  • Incorporate environmental factors into our business decisions,
  • Educate and engage our team, promoting ‘green’ initiatives throughout the firm,
  • Strive creating awareness regarding protection of resources and sustainable environment among our clients, all stakeholders and society,
  • Benefit from expertize and experiences of environmental organizations toward enhancing our sustainability,
  • Organise firm-wide events in nature as well as environmental responsibility activities,
  • Actively support environmental, sustainability, biodiversity and climate change projects and initiatives of NGOs’ through our pro bono and CSR practices