Orchis Anatolia

Anatolian Orchid (Orchis Anatolia) is a flower, one of the 160 species of orchids growing in Turkey. Due to the use of its tubers in the food industry, it’s endangered.

Food & Beverage And Agribusiness

Çukur & Partners is one of top tier food & beverages law firms through our wide range of legal practices at food & beverage and agribusiness sectors.

In this regard, client list of Çukur & Partners consists of several international and Turkish food and beverages companies.

Food lawyers of Çukur & Partners understand the significant challenges facing clients in all segments of the highly competitive food and beverage industry from the receipt of harvests and subsequent processing and packaging through the delivery of food products to the stores and restaurants that serve consumers. For decades, we help clients not only surmount these hurdles, but also to realize the opportunities available in an evolving industry.

In addition to our legal advisory services to conglomerates and leading brands at food & beverages industry, we are trusted advisors of start-up, early stage and emerging companies as well as privately held and family businesses at these sectors.

Çukur & Partners is one of the handful law firms holding outstanding experience, in-depth know how in terms of highly regulated tobacco, tobacco products and alcoholic beverages industries in Turkey.

Agribusiness and companies at connected sectors are among our law firm’s practice niches. Turkey is one of the key agricultural countries in the world for several agro products; therefore, agrotech and agricultural machinery and equipment industries which we advise are advanced.

Çukur & Partners’s food lawyers regularly advise our food & beverage and agribusiness clients at practices of corporate, M&A, commercial, international trade, employment & labor, regulatory, administrative and governmental, tax and customs, information technologies, data protection and privacy, intellectual property, banking & finance, capital markets, environmental and competition & anti-trust  as well as dispute resolution.

Areas of Focus

  • Food
  • Beverage
  • Dietary Supplements
  • Ingredients
  • Agribusiness
  • Tobacco and Alcoholic Beverages
  • Restaurant, Cafe & Bars
  • Animal Breeding
  • Pet Products and Pet Food
  • Agrotech Agriculture Technologies and Machinery