Practice Areas

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Compliance, Regulatory And Governmental

At Çukur & Partners’s compliance, regulatory and governmental law practice, we render full scope of legal services to business clients, often acting as a guide through the law but above all providing solutions to business barriers with a regulatory origin.

When dealing with the complexities of regulatory and governmental matters in Turkey, businesses need fast answers, a clear path forward, and guidance based on direct experience. At compliance & regulatory services, we offer proactive advice to our clients leading to comply and to manage their business and legal risks.

Çukur & Partners legal compliance services develop and help implement tailor-made compliance programmes, policies and procedures, give staff training, and provide legal risk assessments and auditing for our clients in all compliance & regulatory areas such as anti-corruption, anti-fraud, competition & antitrust, corporate governance, data protection, security, cyber risk, and employment & labor.

In Çukur & Partners, we develop a unique experience in years on teaming up with general counsels and management teams of international companies doing business with Turkey towards adaptation of their corporate policies and compliance & regulatory principles within their entity located in Turkey.

For highly regulated sectors, such as energy, mining, environment, real estate & construction, life sciences & healthcare, food & beverages, consumer products or technology & digital, our sector-specific solutions helps and facilitate our clients on the process of compliance to Turkey’s complicated legislative framework.

Çukur & Partners’s regulatory law practice at these regulated sectors consists of legal consulting and representation services at all governmental and regulatory bodies’ licencing, permissions and grants procedures.

Çukur & Partners represents, advises and defends corporates and their management teams at administrative and governmental investigation procedures of Turkish and international regulatory bodies and governmental institutions as well as administrative and regulatory disputes and litigations at every level of Turkish courts.

In terms of understanding of and complying with complicated public procurement and public tenders’ regulations and procedures as well as drafting and negotiation of governmental contracts and transactions, Çukur & Partners governmental and administrative law team guide Turkish and international corporates at every stage of governmental and public business path.

Our experience covers virtually every aspect of the increasingly complex and heavily regulated public procurement, tenders and government contracts process, from entering the government marketplace and bidding on public contracts to complying with complex regulatory regimes and performing contracts, litigating disputes, and handling terminations.

Tax, taxation law and fiscal law is one of the practice areas of Çukur & Partners and our tax lawyers advise to tax issues of corporate, financing and commercial transactions as well as complex tax disputes and litigations.

Areas of Focus

  • Compliance, Regulatory and Legal Auditing
  • Compliance to International and Turkish Ethic Regulations
  • Legal and Compliance Risk Analysing
  • Legal Due Diligence
  • Policies, Documents and Procedures of Ethics and Compliance
  • Anti-Corruption and Anti-fraud
  • Infringement of Ethics and Internal Investigations
  • Third Party Risks
  • Reputation and Transparency
  • Governmental Licenses and Permits
  • Governmental Contracts
  • Public Procurement and Tenders
  • Competition and Anti-trust Law, Permissions and Investigations
  • Trade Regulations, Sanctions and Customs
  • Foreign Exchange Regulations’ Compliance
  • Environmental Regulations
  • Corporate Governance
  • Capital Markets and Securities Regulations
  • Employment & Labor Compliance
  • Data Protection
  • Privacy
  • Cyber Security
  • Commercial Electronic Message Management System Regulations
  • Regulated Sectors and Markets
  • Governmental and Administrative Investigations
  • Tax
  • Taxation Law
  • Fiscal Law
  • Consumer Law

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