Canis Lupus

The wolf (Canis lupus) is commonly inhabited in all regions of Turkey. It is now an endangered species due to illegal hunting.

Advanced Manufacturing And Diversified Industries

Çukur & Partners is one of the go-to law firms in Turkey in terms of companies at advanced manufacturing and diversified Industries business.

We are one of a handful of law firms with a dedicated automotive sector team. Automotive sector and automotive spare part and component producers and traders constitute a primary position among our advanced manufacturing clients, as Turkey is one of the top jurisdictions at automotive industry worldwide.

Çukur & Partners’s automotive lawyers provide a unique perspective on emerging legal and business issues in the automotive industry. Our approach ensures to automotive business that our lawyers have extensive knowledge of the automotive industry and understand clients’ commercial as well as their legal needs in these times of transformational change for the sector.

Our law firm’s automotive and motor vehicles team works with leading brands of automotive, motorcycle and all other types of motor vehicles, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), suppliers of automotive parts and components, as well as distributors and dealers.

Similar to automotive sector, Turkey is a manufacturing and technology hub of consumer appliances and electronics industry worldwide. Thus, consumer appliances, electronics manufacturers and advanced technology companies of the sector are one of the strongest parts of our clientele.

Our electronics sector lawyers advise several manufacturers and retailers of electronics and consumer appliances. Our breadth of practice and sector knowledge means we are uniquely positioned to support our clients at this sector at every stage of the product lifecycle.

In addition to companies manufacturing or distributing of consumer appliances and electronics, Çukur & Partners widely advise to component, spare part and equipment producers to these industries.

Çukur & Partners is one of the few firms in Turkey experienced at  chemicals sector practice stacked with lawyers able to address these companies’ needs across the entire business cycle. Our experience extends across the full range of the industry, with unparalleled insight into key subsectors including petrochemical and agrochemical.

Advanced machinery industry is one of the key sectors in Turkey, and also among our clientele. In last years, transformation through industry 4.0, digital technology and robotics, complexity of legal matters of machinery sector multiplied. Çukur & Partners’s machinery industry lawyers understand and response these new legal challenges of the sector and we advise to several companies manufacturing and distributing high tech machinery products.

Turkey is a leading jurisdiction for real estate and construction industries which are pioneers of growth in Turkey in last decades. In this context, construction and building materials sector in Turkey is equally developed. In Çukur & Partners, our lawyers advise to construction and building materials producers and retailers for years.

Through successful consumer products, retail and food industries in Turkey, corporates practicing at packaging and labelling sectors are advanced. Çukur & Partners is one of the premier law firms of packaging and labelling industries doing business worldwide as well as sectors connected to those such as printing inks, adhesives, coatings, paper, plastics and recycling.

Çukur & Partners is recognized one of the law firms regularly advise to international and Turkish corporates doing business in defence and security industries at all legal aspects of their business.

Technology developments, international trade regulations, sanctions, public procurement procedures and national regulations’ variety create many challenges for these industries. Our defence and security sector lawyers understand and experienced on the complexities of contracting with various governmental departments, the legal structures and constraints of working in a highly regulated sector.

Turkey is a landmark manufacturer and processor of iron & steel and in prepotent position at metal processing & trading industries. Thanks to our longstanding relations with several corporates in these sectors doing business worldwide, Çukur & Partners holds an invaluable experience and substantial law firm standing for legal services provided to iron & steel companies.

Çukur & Partners regularly and largely advises corporates and companies at advanced manufacturing and diversified Industries at practices of corporate, M&A, commercial, international trade, employment & labor, regulatory, administrative and governmental, tax and customs, information technologies, data protection and privacy, intellectual property, banking & finance, capital markets, real estate & construction, energy, environmental and competition & anti-trust  as well as dispute resolution.

Areas of Focus

  • Automotive and Motor Vehicles
  • Consumer Appliances & Electronics
  • Components & Spare Parts
  • Chemicals
  • Machinery
  • Building and Construction Materials
  • Packaging
  • Defence and Security
  • Metal Processing, Iron & Steel