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Panthera Pardus

Caucasian leopard (Panthera pardus), under threat of extinction, rarely continues to inhabit in the Caucasus region covering the northeast of Turkey.

Dispute Resolution Services

We may encounter conflicts of interest, disagreements, challenges and disputes from time to time in business life. We are aware of that you need to resolve and conclude them with the highest gain or the least loss, as soon as possible in an accessible and reasonable budget.

In practice, there are several dispute resolution options brought by our legal system in solving these disputes; numerous factors and probabilities to be considered in order to achieve the best results. In this respect, we believe that one of the most important considerations that bring effectiveness and successful outcomes in conflict management is the legal assessment and risk analysis of the disputes.

In all our dispute resolution services, whether we strive to reach a conclusion through negotiation and non-judicial remedies or apply for one of the legal action options designated by the legal system, we ensure that a lawyer at partner level who is an expert and experienced in the area leads the process in every phase.

At every stage of the procedure, Çukur & Partners dispute resolution lawyers duly include and cooperate with the client through effective information-sharing, reporting, exchange of ideas and interim evaluations, and react or manage to new situations together.

Our dispute resolution services in Çukur & Partners law firm consist of all kind of local and international dispute resolution procedures in connection with matters related to all our practice areas and sectors; including representation and defence services in litigation and legal action procedures before all first instance courts, regional appeal courts and high courts, the Constitutional Court, arbitration courts and mediation process as well as alternative dispute resolution (ADR) for any and all disputes, appellate procedures and governmental and administrative investigations , recognition of international court and arbitration awards in Turkey as well as enforcement and execution of claims and awards of legal claims and debt recovery & collections.

At Çukur & Partners law firm, we offer wide range of alternative and flexible charging models for our dispute resolution services according to nature, parties, locations and sizes of the dispute.