How We Are Different

Monachus Monachus

Mediterranean monk seal (Monachus monachus) inhabits on the coasts of Marmara, Aegean and Mediterranean of Turkey. It is a critically endangered species.

We Work Positively

Legal matters are not usually the most enjoyable part of our clients’ business.  Sometimes, a conflict, a regulation barrier, risk or crisis bother you exceedingly.

We all know and experience in these circumstances, a surly, pretentious and tedious or pessimist, lawyer is functionless.

We are pleased to inform you that we approach the matters and people positively. We look beyond boundaries, barriers, crisis and conflicts, as we probe possibilities, opportunities, relief and experiences among those. This point of view identifies us as a positive and solution-oriented law firm.

Rather than simply explaining the law; we aim to provide solutions that deliver real benefits to our clients. We don’t just answer the questions asked. We seek out opportunities and better alternatives to seize the initiative and goal.

The ground behind this positive approach is simple: We are happy lawyers doing the job we love in the thriving workplace. Together with love, compassion and joy, we do the work that is our legacy. We strive to live fully, beautifully, happily, heart and soul, body and mind, day and night. Our life and our work are not competing interests to be balanced but rather equal parts of who we are. 

Even if legal matters are complicated, boring and challenging, we strain every nerve in order to offer our clients a calming and joyous experience.