Geronticus Eremita

Bald ibis (Greonticus eremita) is a bird species that is about to be extinct and is under protection. Rarely inhabits in southeast Anatolia region in Turkey.

Start-up And Growing Companies

We are proud of recognized as one of the first choices of new generation, start up, early stage, growing and emerging companies doing business and innovations across fast-paced TMT, digital, life sciences, food & agribusiness, finance, energy and services sectors.

We value to be a trusted advisor working with innovative, creative, venturous and open-minded entrepreneurs. Our mission is to support and convoying emerging companies in charting their individual course to entrepreneurial success. We supplement our deep experience with a shared enthusiasm that comes with launching a new venture.

Lawyers serving to start ups and high growth companies at Çukur & Partners Law Firm are individuals who are partners and integral parts of emerging companies’ ecosystem for years and passionate about entrepreneurship, innovation and fostering the growth of early and growth stage ventures.

From business and corporate modelling, early stage cooperation and partnerships, incorporation and structuring of companies, commercial and employment arrangements and agreements, protection of ideas, IP rights and innovations, compliance to sector-specific regulationsseed and early stage fund raising to M&A, venture capital and private equity investments, capital market IPO’s , data and privacy and TMT law issues or international expansion of these businesses, Çukur & Partners is a law firm perfectly responding all legal matters of emerging companies at every stage of start-up, scale-up and growing business life cycle.

Our start-up and emerging business lawyers provide growth businesses with personalized and effective long-term representation. We offer start-up and growing companies a pragmatic, business-oriented approach and tailored service programs to solving a range of complex legal challenges, cost-efficient legal services, and value-added access to sources of capital and other business resources.

We are aware of that most of entrepreneurs grow and carry on their business with limited time, sources and familiarity with an increasingly complex legal environment.

Therefore, in Çukur & Partners, we have developed a specialised “Start-up Program” for entrepreneurs and early stage companies demonstrates our approach and long-term commitment when working with innovative businesses by providing the highest level of strategic advice and service on a competitive fixed-fee basis.

Similarly, we have a particular “high growth and emerging companies program” in Çukur & Partners law firm for these kind of companies to deliver wide range of legal services on flexible fixed-fee basis as the company scales up.

Transactional legal services of Çukur & Partners support start-up and emerging companies access to capital through all kind of fundraising transactions in the forms of seed, early stage and angel investor investments, venture capital, private equity and M&A transactions, as well as crowd funding, IPO and all kind of capital markets transactions.

Through our international network made up of expert law firms experienced on serving to emerging and high growth companies for decades in USA, UK, Germany, The Netherlands, Luxemburg, Hong Kong, Singapore, UAE and all other entrepreneur-friendly jurisdictions, we help establishment and expansion of start-up and emerging companies’ businesses in this countries.

Beside to our services to entrepreneurs, start-ups and emerging companies, our practices widely consist of transactional legal services provided for private equity and venture capital funds as well as early stage and angel investors at their investments to growing businesses.

We also partner and work arm to arm with all stakeholders of start-up and emerging companies’ ecosystem, such as incubators, accelerators, angel investors’ and entrepreneurship platforms, clusters, techno parks, universities, R&D centres, industry-specific organizations,  investors and funds.

In terms of international emerging and high growth companies carrying on business at TMT, digital, life sciences, food & agribusiness, finance, energy and services sectors in the process of entering and doing business in Turkey, Çukur & Partners law firm is one of preferred firms responsive to all range of legal services those look for.

We sincerely appreciate and esteem social entrepreneurship initiatives and companies. As a law firm practicing under responsible business values, we serve innovations, initiatives and companies in relation to social entrepreneurship in high spirits.

Çukur & Partners’s start-up and emerging company lawyers provide legal services at practices of corporate, M&A, banking & finance, capital markets commercial, international trade, intellectual property, employment & labor, regulatory, administrative and governmental, information technologies, data protection and privacy, competition & anti-trust , energy & environmental, real estate & construction, private client as well as dispute resolution.

Areas of Focus

  • Entrepreneurs and Innovators
  • Start-up and Early Stage Companies
  • Scale-up Companies
  • Emerging Companies
  • High Growth Companies
  • Angel Investors
  • Angel Invertors’ Platforms
  • Venture Capital Funds
  • Private Equity Funds
  • Incubators
  • Research & Development (R&D) Centres
  • Accelerators
  • Entrepreneurship Platforms
  • Clusters
  • Universities
  • Industry-specific Organizations
  • Techno parks
  • Technoparks
  • Social Enterprises