How We Are Different

Delphinus Delphis

The short-beaked common Dolphins (Delphinus delphis) extensively inhabit all seas of Turkey. In the last 40 years, the population of the species has fallen by 50% due to overfishing and degradation of habitats.

We Serve People Accountably

We never look on our clientele as only corporates, institutions, titles or file numbers. We are aware of that they are indeed a team of individuals, like as our law firm. Through this understanding, our services are always personal and person-to-person, even if it’s related to a corporate or business. We always consider the human dimension of our profession.

Therefore, we are truly accessible, coherent and responsive in communication as well as accountable and passionate at all aspects of delivery and results. We always endeavour for better and new ways to meet our clients’ expectations and necessities by means of high quality, productivity and excellence in practice.

Likewise, we offer the most reliable alternative models of charging to the clients, while our fees are approachable and transparent.