Practice Areas

Equus Ferus Caballus

Turkey’s wild horses (Equus caballus Ferus), are rarely inhabit in central Anatolia and the inner Aegean region.

Commercial and International Trade

Çukur & Partners is a commercial law firm serving business on full service basis at wide range of commercial contracts, B2B and B2C supply chains, distribution and sale channels, public procurement and consumer matters as well as local and international commercial and trade compliance & regulatory issues.

Informed by our knowledge of regulators, suppliers, and customers, we help our clients at our commercial and international trade practice to develop the right business model, foster strategic relationships, navigate complex regulation, manage risks, and address challenges your business faces every day.

Our commercial practice team fully understands our clients’ need to have strong commercial arrangements in place. We aim to produce solution-oriented, pragmatic, clear and fair commercial contracts and agreements that get our clients where they need to be.

International trade currently becomes highly regulated by several local bodies and international institutions. At Çukur & Partners’s International trade practice, we focus on global trade regulations, import and export compliance, international trade policy and market access as well as trade remedies and sanctions. Besides, our international trade practice consists of our outstanding capabilities in terms of the European Union issues applicable to Turkey.

Consumer protection regulations for product and service providers are one of the core practice areas of Çukur & Partners for years. We advise to and represent of our clients at complex consumer-related compliance, regulatory, investigation, product liability, malpractice matters and disputes.

At Çukur & Partners’s commercial practice, we also render legal services to companies at public procurement as well as product and service supply procedures to governmental institutions in Turkey.

As a commercial and international trade law firm in Turkey, we dedicate our services to taking complex legal and commercial issues and filtering them into business-focussed, user-friendly guidance for international companies doing business with Turkey as well as Turkish corporates practicing globally.

Çukur & Partners’s commercial law and international trade lawyers frequently represent our clients at complex commercial, contractual and international trade disputes and arbitration and litigation procedures in Turkey and abroad.

Çukur & Partners’s international trade particle consists of tax, fiscal law and customs law advisory and dispute resolutions services in these fields.

In our commercial law practice, we are highly aware of sectorial regulations’ variety and significance. Therefore, we always take account of these challenges and variation while serving.

We emphasize Çukur & Partners’s transportation, shipping and maritime law practice made up of expert lawyers located all main port cities of Turkey, in a particular chapter. In addition to our general transportation and logistics law practice, our reputable and shipping and maritime lawyers offer cutting-edge and one-stop-shop solutions to all stakeholders of maritime and admiralty business.

Çukur & Partners’s shipping and maritime lawyers’ expertise comprises all wet and dry maritime law practices as well as insurance aspects and high profile dispute resolution services.

Areas of Focus

  • Commercial Agreements and Contracts
  • International Trade
  • Agency, Distributorship, Dealership
  • Franchising
  • Supply Chain
  • Distribution and Sale Channels
  • Public Procurement
  • Unfair Competition
  • Trade Regulations and Customs
  • Sanctions and Prohibitions
  • Trade Controls
  • Import and Export Compliance
  • International Trade Policy
  • Market Access
  • Trade Remedies
  • Governmental Policy
  • WTO
  • Investigations
  • Trade Preference Programs
  • Free Trade Agreements
  • FreeZones
  • The EU Customs Union
  • Anti-Damping
  • Consumer Law
  • Product Liability
  • Labelling and Packaging
  • Advertising
  • Logistics, Transportation and Maritime
  • Insurance & Re-insurance

FINANCE MONTHLY FINTECH  AWARDS- 2018- Insurance & Re-insurance Lawyer of Turkey

CONTINENT AWARDS- 2013– International Trade Law Firm of Turkey

CORPORATE INTL GLOBAL AWARDS – 2012 – Insurance and Re-insurance Law Firm of Turkey.

ACQ GLOBAL AWARDS 2011- International Trade and Customs Law Firm of Turkey