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Common Kingfisher (Halcyon smyrnensis), named after İzmir city of Turkey, is mostly observed in the Eastern Mediterranean Region. Destruction of their habitats, wetlands, is the greatest threat to their species.

Employment, Labor and Human Resources Law Advisory at Restructuring and Reorganization Processes of the Corporates

We have been experienced in the last 15 years how legal processes such as corporate or financial restructuring procedures, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), public offerings can have an impact on employment and industrial relations and employees of the companies. 

We are aware of how sensitive the legal situation of industrial relations and employees is in processes such as financial difficulty or arrangements, concordatum, bankruptcy, closing or liquidation of the business or workplace.

Considering of dynamism and particular requirements of business life, we duly understand necessity of that workplaces, business and working models can change and transform from time to time, stop or terminate their work, move or restructure to a large extent. We recognise the critical role of mass layoffs, large-scaled hiring processes, re-location, and positions changes in the life cycle of companies.

All these human resources, employment & labor restructuring and reorganization cases are also highly regulated legal processes that need to be managed very sensitively and carefully.

In the workplaces and companies with trade union mandates, these situations can become much more complex. Similarly, the legal consequences of such actions regarding directors and management professionals are multidimensional.

The human resources and employment & labor law attorneys of Çukur & Partners law firm provide full range of legal advisory services on turnkey basis to the companies and employers while managing this long-term human resources and employment restructuring and reorganization procedures successfully. Through these services, employment & labor lawyers of Çukur & Partners bring their communication and negotiation skills and dispute resolution methods to the fore as well as their in-depth legal know-how. Our human resources law team guides companies and employers during the legal management of these processes by means of strategic approaches that serve fair and peaceful workplace experiences, where all parties achieve the highest possible gain.

Çukur & Partners’ employment & labor attorneys can create value for the successful and fruitful conclusion of the process with creative solutions, in cases where our law firm is included in the project team at an early stage, especially in the planning phase of such processes.

In this context, beyond using all the opportunities and flexibility provided by the legal regulations, our HR lawyers provide a facilitating effect on this complicated process with an effective negotiation techniques and results-oriented dispute resolution methods.