Cedrus Libani

The largest natural forests of lebanon cedar (Cedrus libani) in the world is in Turkey, in the Toros Mountains. Intense cuts for timber, fire and climate change threaten the generations of lebanon cedar.

Energy, Mining And Environment

Çukur & Partners law firm is recognized as one of the top law firms in Turkey for energy, mining and natural resources companies through our awards-winning practices in Turkey for years.

Energy lawyers of Çukur & Partners have been advising to renewable and clean energy companies, since these markets have become liberal in Turkey. Our multi-disciplinary teams are capable of advising clients on every stage and aspect of the renewable and clean energy project lifecycle.

Renewable energy from wind, solar PV, geothermal, hydro, waste to energy and bioenergy sources as well as unlicensed renewable energy projects and cleantech are our main practice sectors at Çukur & Partners’s energy law practice.

Çukur & Partners’s energy law team advise renewable power generation corporates and the entire value chain of power business, including energy distribution, storage, supply and efficiency companies, utilities, generators, equipment and manufacturers and investors.

Çukur & Partners’s energy lawyers also acts for oil & gas sector companies at distribution and sale business.

Mining lawyers of Çukur & Partners is internationally recognized as a leading legal practice in the sector in Turkey, providing tailored advice to prominent players throughout the mining, natural resources and minerals industry.

Mining companies and other stakeholders of the sector rely on our legal support to resolve all manner of high-risk, complex and sensitive mining matters.

Çukur & Partners’s mining and natural resources experience covers all legal and transactional aspects through all stages of exploration, development, production, marketing and transportation of virtually diverse range of base and precious metals, minerals and commodities.

Çukur & Partners is a pioneer law firm in Turkey practicing under the norms of responsible business. Therefore, sustainability and protection of environment is a priority within whatever we do. Therefore, we serve to environment and sustainability companies, institutions and initiatives eagerly.

Our environmental lawyers practice covers a number of areas including climate change, prevention of pollution, energy efficiency, waste management, protection of nature and biodiversity as well as corporate social responsibility.

Besides, environmental law practice of Çukur & Partners deliver practical advice and act for entrepreneurs, businesses, funders and institutions across all sectors in order to make them understand of environmental regulations in Turkey. Our environmental and climate change team are led by highly experienced lawyers who have a passion for this practice area. Translating complex legislation into clear actionable points, we draw upon our experience to offer companies solutions that are built around their business needs.

Çukur & Partners lawyers regularly advise energy, mining, natural resources and environment clients at practices of energy, environmental, real estate & constructioncorporate, M&A, commercial, international trade, employment & labor, regulatory, administrative and governmental, information technologies, data protection and privacy, banking & finance, capital markets, and competition & anti-trust  as well as dispute resolution.

Areas of Focus

  • Renewable Energy
  • Clean Energy
  • Wind Energy
  • Solar PV Energy
  • Geothermal Energy
  • Hydro Energy
  • Waste to energy
  • Bioenergy
  • Cleantech
  • Unlicensed Electricity Generation
  • Power and Energy Equipment and Service Suppliers
  • Power
  • Electricity Transmission, Distribution and Sales
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Mining, Metals and Minerals
  • Natural Resources
  • Minerals
  • Base and Precious Metals
  • Commodities
  • Oil & Gas
  • Oil & Gas Electricity Distribution and Sales
  • Utilities
  • Environment
  • Sustainability
  • Climate Change