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Delphinus Delphis

The short-beaked common Dolphins (Delphinus delphis) extensively inhabit all seas of Turkey. In the last 40 years, the population of the species has fallen by 50% due to overfishing and degradation of habitats.

Data Protection, Privacy And Cyber Security

For business environments and corporates, Çukur & Partners is one of the experienced and pioneering law firms for data protection, privacy and cyber security law matters in Turkey.

Although Turkish personal data protection legislation has been enacted and KVKK of Turkey has founded in a few years, we develop an in-depth know how and capability through our services provided to our international clients at data protection law within last 10 years. Therefore, when Personal Data Protection Law of Turkey has come into force recently, we have been already ready.

Çukur & Partners’s data governance, privacy and cyber security practice takes a comprehensive, multidisciplinary, and integrated approach to help clients to understand and comply with the regulations on this area.

Since the beginning, we are not only the legal advisors of companies on personal data protection; beyond, we work together with our clients, their legal and management teams arm to arm to adapt their business into the data protection regime in Turkey. We partner with clients to help them extract value from the data they collect, while identifying and addressing regulatory compliance requirements, and ensuring that data is appropriately protected.

One of Çukur & Partners’s data protection lawyers’ role for our international clients is to make them understand differences and specialities regarding data protection regulations of Turkey and their jurisdictions, while facilitating international companies’ integration with regard to Turkish data protection and privacy law.

Furthermore, our data protection and privacy lawyers follow up all new regulations in the EU and at international level as well as the countries where our clients come from in order to predict and guide our clients for the future developments in Turkish data protection and privacy regulations in near future.

Turkish Personal Data Protection Institution’ (KVKK) regulations and actions are always one of the elements considered at our privacy and data services, while pointing our clients in direction. In this sense, our data protection team regularly communicates with experts of KVKK and follows up all  actions of the İnstitution closely.

Çukur & Partners’s privacy and data protection services create value for our clients through our sectorial expertise at the industries naturally collecting and processing personal data widely, such as healthcare, consumer products & retail, information and communication technologies, digital media, financial services, insurance and services.

Çukur & Partners’s cyber security lawyers help our clients to mitigate and manage cyber risk at all stages aspect of Turkish cyber security law, including regulatory compliance, data and cyber security legal audits and due diligence, crisis readiness as well as legal responses and procedures at cyber security breaches and attacks.

In terms of cyber security, privacy and data law practice, Çukur & Partners represent clients at all kinds of investigations, disputes, as well as arbitration, mediation and litigation procedures.

Areas of Focus

  • Compliance to Data Protection Regulations
  • KVKK Personal Data Protection Authority Transactions
  • Data Inventory
  • Data Controller
  • Data Registry
  • Collection, Structuring, Managing, Using, Processing, Disclosure, Anonymising, Transferring and Destroying of Data
  • Legal Due Diligence and Data Risk Management
  • Data Breach and Investigations
  • GDPR
  • Commercial Electronic Message Management System Regulations
  • Cyber Security
  • Privacy

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