Grus Grus

Common Crane (Grus grus) is found Central Anatolia, Mediterranean and Southeastern Anatolia regions in Turkey. Destruction of habitats, improper agricultural practices and poaching are the main threats for its species.


We are aware that it is crucial to create a successful career and business plan for our young lawyer colleagues who are in the first five years of the profession and trainee lawyers. For this purpose, we run this development and mentoring program within Çukur & Partners Academy.

This program, which is conducted online, is opened at least once a year and lasts between 6-9 months. Besides the general flow, a mentor is assigned to each participant (mentee), and a one-on-one mentor-mentee meeting is held once a month.


In this program, legal practitioners and young lawyers who have just joined the profession meet with well-known experts in their fields, valuable lawyers at different levels in their careers, and mentors, coaches, and trainers who contribute to attendants’ career development. Additionally, the program we run as a corporate social responsibility project is completely free.


Our Young Lawyer colleagues who are in the first five years of their career and Legal Practitioners can follow our current program announcements on our NEWS pages.

You can find our announcement for the 2022 Year Program at the link below.