Responsible Business

Tyto Alba

Western barn owl (Tyto alba) inhabits in Turkey’s Marmara, Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean regions. Due to the intensive use of pesticides and the deterioration of living environments, their lineage is in danger.

Ethics And Code Of Conduct

We are trusted legal advisers.

Çukur & Partners’s lawyers’ reputation is based on highest ethical, technical and quality standards of our law firm.

We value and maintain our reputation for providing the highest levels of integrity, honesty, transparency, professional service and excellence. These standards are expected from all attorneys and members of the firm; their quality, motivation and performance are keys to our success.

Çukur & Partners law firm’s ethical principles and code of conduct are mainstay elements of our responsible business commitment.

Beyond professional and ethical standards of our profession in Turkey, highest international regulations draw frame for our approach to ethics.

Çukur & Partners law firm is a signatory of UN Global Compact defining corporate standards of a responsible business worldwide and all our practice in Çukur & Partners law offices are conducted in full compliance with this commitment.

The Global Compact asks businesses to embrace, support and within their respective spheres of influence give effect to a set of core values in the areas of human rights, labour standards, the environment and anti-corruption.

We are committed to interiorize the spirit behind these laws and regulations which govern our business and activities.

In Çukur & Partners law offices, we have zero tolerance policy of corruption, money laundering, bribery, financing of terrorism and modern slavery.