Grus Grus

Common Crane (Grus grus) is found Central Anatolia, Mediterranean and Southeastern Anatolia regions in Turkey. Destruction of habitats, improper agricultural practices and poaching are the main threats for its species.

India Desk

In Çukur & Partners Law Firm, we feature a dedicated India Desk led by trusted business law advisors who understand the Indian culture and cross-cultural issues in order to assist our clients in crossing “cultural bridges” while also promoting business relationships between Turkey and India. 

The wide-ranging expertise within Çukur & Partners lawyers, together with our nationwide footprint, makes us uniquely placed to service the needs of clients from India, as we have been for many years. Thus, we are proud of advising to a variety of Indian corporates and companies doing business in Turkey from every sector we have been practicing and at all sizes.

Our India Desk offers comprehensive legal advice on all issues in connection with entry into the Turkish and EMEA market and strategic growth in these markets. We cater for both inbound work from the leading Indian corporates and companies, as well as outbound work of Turkish business environments to India. Our experience and the strong personal involvement make sure that both inbound and outbound projects and transactions and in virtually all industries can be handled efficiently both from a time and from a cost perspective.