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Nowadays, accessing the internet is considered as a fundamental human right. However, it is known that the internet, which has an enormous place in our lives, causes some security problems. Therefore, events related to the Safe Internet Day are held in many countries in order to raise awareness against security problems.

What Is Safe Internet Day (SID)?

Safe Internet Day is a day that is celebrated with various events worldwide and aims to raise awareness for internet users to have a safer internet experience.

How Did the Safe Internet Day Came Out?

Safe Internet Day started to operate in 2005 under the banner of ‘’Safer Internet Network’’ established under the Safe Internet Program within the body of the European Union Commission. Today, activities are organized by nearly 170 countries as part of the Safe Internet Day, on the second day of the second week of the second month of every year.

What Is the Purpose of Safe Internet Day?

Safe Internet Day aims to raise awareness, in terms of online problems that arise in relation to internet use and the solution of these problems. Considering that the use of the internet has increased substantially recently, the risk of being exposed to cyberattacks have also increased. So, knowing ways to stay safe while using the internet will help us stay safe.

Who Is the Target Audience of Safe Internet Day?

Safe Internet Day doesn’t have a specific target audience. Everyone who uses the internet regardless of their age and profession, should be able to use the internet safely.

Is There Any Activities Related to Safe Internet Day in Turkey?

Since 2010, activities have been carried out in our country related to this special day with events organized by the Information Technologies and Communication Authority.

Does Turkey Offer Any Service in Order to Ensure Internet Security?

In order to have a safe internet experience in Turkey, secure internet services are offered free of charge since 23/11/2011. This service gives two different user profile options, which are, “children” and “family demographics”. While, it is possible to access sites that are approved for the child profile can be accessed, internet sites with harmful content for the family profile can’t be accessed.

Since this service is not mandatory, only those who wish to use it, can benefit from this.

How Can You Track the Work Related to The Safe Internet Day? 

Safe Internet Day has also attracted great attention from social media last year. You can also visit and access the posts on Twitter via #SaferInternetDay, # SID2021 tags.

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