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Green Deal Action Plan of Turkey

Turkish authorities have implemented the “Green Deal Action Plan,” which aims to ensure Turkey’s adaptation to climate change policies. This initiative has gained momentum in the international trade order in recent years. Green Deal Action Plan, which will strengthen our country’s competitiveness in exports and will also attract green investments to our country, has implemented by Ministry of Commerce.

Today, industrialization and technology permeate all aspects of our lives, bringing innumerable conveniences with them. However, these industrial and technological developments also bring global problems such as climate crisis and depletion of energy resources. At this point, it can be said that all countries of the world have a great role in taking measures to ensure sustainability. When we consider the entire world, we can see that more and more people are embracing the idea of putting economic activities on a greener and more sustainable basis.

It was the European Union’s “European Green Deal” announced in December 2019 that was one of the most concrete steps taken in this context, and through the European Green Deal, the European Union has put on its agenda a series of adaptations that will make its economy more sustainable and green. The aim is to make the European continent the world’s first “climate neutral continent” by 2050.  European Green Deal is a big step towards combating the climate crisis, which is a global threat. The Green Deal, which was accepted by European nations, has prompted nations like South Korea, China, and Japan to announce their plans for combating global warming.

All these developments, especially the European Green Deal, have made it necessary to make changes to sustain the economy in a more sustainable way in our country. Considering Turkey’s exports to the European Union countries, if it cannot meet the adaptations stipulated by the European Green Deal,  the economic consequences may be severe.

In light of these developments in our country, “ Presidential Circular on the Action Plan” was first published in the Official Gazette on 16 July 2021. After the circular, the “Green Deal Action Plan of Turkey” was published by the Ministry of Trade. In the action plan; It is understood that Turkey will adapt to the changes envisaged in the European Green Deal, and it is aimed to use resources effectively and efficiently for the transition to a sustainable and green economy. In this framework, the Action Plan includes a total of 32 targets and 81 actions under 9 main headings.

Actions and Targets Envisioned in the Action Plan:

  • Carbon border adjustments,
  • Green and circular economy,
  • Green finance,
  • Clean, affordable and secure energy supply
  • Sustainable agriculture,
  • Sustainable smart mobility,
  • Combatting against climate change
  • Diplomacy
  • Raising awareness regarding European Green Deal


The activities and targets stated above may be actualized under the headings are given.

In the action plan, which activities will be coordinated or carried out by which institutions are also specified and the calendar for the execution of the activities related to the actions is also included. The main action coordinator institution will be in charge of tracking and reporting the achieved targets and developments regarding the execution of the activities. Under the coordination of the Ministry of Commerce, it is intended to protect and develop the Turkish export sector’s competitiveness and deepen the integration that our country has achieved with the EU through the Customs Union.

You can use the links below to get information about the official regulation on the subject:

Presidential Circular on the Action Plan :

Ministry of Commerce Green Deal Action Plan 2021:


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